The IBA Agenda

Our Vision:  Through Canada’s Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas initiative the nation’s most important sites for birds will be conserved.  The following action plan describes how this will be achieved.

Provide Good Science
The success of the IBA Program depends on the scientific integrity of our data. With our partners, we’re developing protocols to track bird populations, respond to threats and assess our conservation success. We’ll validate IBA data at all levels of input to ensure accuracy and cross-country consistency in site assessments and monitoring systems. We will use rigorous scientific standards to evaluate and prioritize existing and potential IBAs, in both terrestrial and marine environments.

Develop Strong Partnerships
IBAs should be “top-of-mind” when decision makers develop plans that could impact these important sites. We’ll work with all levels of government, including First Nations, to incorporate IBAs in land-use planning policies, and we’ll engage corporations and private landowners to include IBAs in their decision-making, too. Through public awareness campaigns, innovative partnerships with industry, and strengthened bonds with our non-government partners, we’ll enhance the profile of the entire IBA network and achieve greater protection for these priority sites.

Conserve IBAs on the Ground
Each IBA has unique needs for its long-term conservation. With our partners, we will plan and implement on-site conservation actions at all high-priority IBAs across Canada. These efforts, varying from site to site, will include: restoration of degraded habitats; site monitoring; community awareness-building; alternative income projects; collaborative management and sustainable use practices; national campaigns against major threats; land purchases; enhanced management and enforcement in IBAs within protected areas; and the establishment of new protected areas encompassing IBAs.

Enable a Network of IBA Caretakers
IBA Caretakers volunteer their time and expertise to safeguard local birds and their habitats. They are the eyes, ears, feet and hands on the ground at IBAs. Caretakers monitor bird populations, report on threats, and build IBA awareness in their communities. With our regional partners, we will expand our network of Caretakers to cover most IBAs in Canada, and we’ll equip our volunteers with the tools they require to be effective observers, advocates and citizen scientists.

Safeguard Migratory Flyways
About 90 percent of Canada’s birds migrate within and beyond our borders. We work to protect them throughout their range. As Supporting Partners of BirdLife International, we help conserve migratory flyways throughout the Americas, working alongside our southern partners and providing financial resources and scientific expertise to advance our shared conservation goals.

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Great Egret
Photo: © iStock Photo

Restoring and protecting - one beach at a time
Photo: © Margaret Cuthbert
The IBA Program is an international conservation initiative coordinated by BirdLife International. The Canadian co-partners for the IBA Program are Birds Canada and Nature Canada.
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